Bringing up the old buildings in Kunming, the old people in this city are tremendously familiar with them just like their own treasures.


In the era of concrete forests, many people have been lamented by the disappearance and oblivion of the old houses. Fortunately, there are still many old buildings standing in Spring City. 


They are shaped by the city's changes, and they, along with their own stories, adorn this ancient and vibrant city.

金 殿

Golden Palace


The scenery never changed with the evolution of dynasties. It still continued to be rebuilt after several relocations. It is built in the remote frontier but familiar to everyone in the nation.


Built during the Ming dynasty, the Hall of Great Harmony, Golden Palace was modeled after the Hall of Great Harmony in Wudang Mountain, casting in brass and is one of the four bronze halls in China.


Wu Sangui’s reconstruction bring this place back to life although that it was once relocated in the Jizu Mountain in the late Ming Dynasty.



Exploring its dazzling wonder on the occasion of the sunny day in spring and summer makes the trip to Yunnan dramatic sense.


大 观 楼

Daguan Pavilion


The Daguan Pavilion standing alongside the Dianchi Lake is the memory of Kunming City. 


Admired from the downstairs, the triple-eaves glazed gable timber structure building has become a spectacle. 


Known as "the world's first long-term couplet" on both sides of the door, it amazes visitors. 


When climbing the building and overlooking the panorama, Dianchi Lake with 500 miles strikes eyes. When standing and recalling the past, thousands of years of memories pours into mind instantly. 


Daguan park is not only splendid with lakes and mountains, but also with entertainment facilities, which add colors to the trip.



袁 嘉 谷 故 居

Former Residence of Yuan Jiagu


Sixty years of ups and downs wrote his legendary life, from the Number One Scholar in feudal dynasty, to the official of the Republic of China, and ultimately the university professor. The country changes, but he does not forget his original aspiration for education; the country is disintegrated, but he holds patriotism as before.


Located in No. 5 of Cuihu North Road, the old house is the residence of Yuan Jiagu in Kunming, who made up for the regret that no Number One Scholar in Yunnan. 


Although he has passed away, the former residence remains. You might as well stroll  into it at leisure, follow the girder and pillar in the courtyard to search for the legendary life of no.1 scholar in Yunnan.


石 屏 会 馆

Shiping Guild Hall


Be united as one and help the poor. 


Built during the reign of Qianlong period, Shiping Guild hall was providing places of gathering and accommodation for shiping's students and merchants in Kunming for two hundred years.


Its magnificent architecture and "three in, three out" unique characteristics seem to tell the story of generations in Shiping on the shore of the Cuihu lake. It is not only a witness that fellow villagers help each other, but also a symbol of unity and progress of Yunnan people. 



Now, with the new appearance of Shiping restaurant, it can make the public understand and taste Shiping's history and culture from their eyes to the tip of tongue multidimensionally .



the General's Office of Cai’e


Old Kunming people enjoy talking about the love story of Cai’e and his confidante Xiao Fengxian.


And the " Double Ninth Uprising" and the "Campaign to Defend the Republic" led by him also set off the upsurge of patriotic movement in Yunnan. When it comes to the history of Kunming, we have to talk about the famous people of the Republic of China, Cai’e. 



And the old building, Deyi House, hiding besides the East Temple Street and in the south of Jinma Fang, changes from shabby to brilliant because of his living. This has become a place for people to pay their respects to general Cai’e and in memory of him.


Former Residence of Nie’er Golden Palace


Nie Er's "March of the volunteers", which turns the high national spirit into melody, leads the Chinese people to stand up.And points out the direction for the development of Chinese proletarian revolutionary music. 


To think back his hometown, in addition to Yuxi, we must visit the former residence of Kunming. 


To the north of the Jingxing flower and bird market where full of noises all the day, there is a short corridor street, where Nie Er's former residence stands still.


Now it is also the downtown area of Kunming.

云 和 祥

Yunhe Xiang Golden Palace


Speaking of Nanqiang street, for modern Kunming people, it is a place where the city center is full of delicious food, while Yunhe Xiang, a traditional house located at the intersection of Nanqiang street and Xiangyun street, is the representative of traditional Yunnan cuisine. 


It not only inherits and gathers a lot of traditional Yunnan cuisine, but also its predecessor, patriotic general Zhang Chong's former residence. Yunnan- Guangxi war, Taierzhuang battle…… Outside the courtyard, in the Jinbi Park, the leisure old Kunming people can tell more about his legend.

昆 明 一 颗 印

Yikeyin Dwelling Golden Palace


Speaking of Yikeyin Dwelling, it is not the name of the house called " Yikeyin Dwelling", it is the same as "quadrangle" in terms of architectural style.


Yikeyin Dwelling buildings are common in Kunming and belong to one of the representatives of our traditional houses in Yunnan. Many of the ancient and old houses mentioned above are basically " Yikeyin Dwelling" style, that is,three houses, two ear rooms which are often be buildings and two East-West rooms.


Nowadays, there are many high-rise buildings in Kunming, but when entering the city, there are still many " Yikeyin Dwelling" buildings in those old streets and alleys.


Of course, there are many other ancient buildings in Kunming today. Each one has a long history and rich stories. 


If you are interested in them, please keep eyes on us, and we will tell you later.



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