Plum blossom, 
China's top ten famous flowers.
 A harbinger of spring but is not coquettish,
 proud but not arrogant. 

The plum blossom has already tranquilized itself from the common flowers to be personified into the symbol of the Chinese nation's indomitable, noble and humble spirit.

Another year of plum season, fragrance of plum blossom in City of Spring moves people. At the moment, the season gave birth to wonderful scenery of plum blossom in Kunming plum.

The blossom has arrived, surplus plum fragrance, only to live up to the good.

Heilong Pool Park

Heilong Pool Park, named as "the first ancient temple in central Yunnan". There is an ancient plum tree in the garden transplanted in Nanzhao, known as "Tang plum blossom".

 The newly born Tang plum blossom on the old stump is now anile, but still full of life, forming the scenery year after year with flower blossom.

Also built in 1991, Longquan Plum Blossom Garden, covering an area of about 600 mu, is one of the most famous landscape plum blossom gardens in China. 

The garden has nearly 90 varieties of plum blossom more than 6000 plants, red plum blossom surpasses peach and plum, and white plum blossom is as clean as ice and as pure as jade, pink plum blossom is shy, implicit and charming.

Every year during the plum blossom season, "exploring the plum blossom in Longquan" has become a great folk custom event in Kunming and visitors to the plum blossom are coming in endlessly. 

Stroll in the plum blossom, beautifully and elegantly. Quiet and beautiful plum blossom fragrance, not even close to the tree, already swept by bursts of hidden fragrance. 

Plum blossom and ancient temple set off each other, beauty is in front, just when the flowers are blossom.

Jinning Panlong Temple

Built in Yuan dynasty, during its more than 600 years, Jinning Panlong Temple has been thriving with incense, Towers and pavilions, temples and halls, are ancient and dignified. 

Inscriptions in the temple stand in great numbers, cultural relics and historical sites in various dynasties are gathered in the temple.

Outside the Shakya ManiHall of Panlong Temple, planted with an ancient plum blossom tree form Yuan dynasty with the same age of the temple, known as "Yuan plum blossom". 

Distant view of the ancient plum blossom tree, the shape of the tree is like the dragon circling, tall and straight, magnificent.

Experiencing a gust of cold wind in winter night, Yuan plum blossom blooms quietly. Hung on the branches, the numerous plum blossoms is like stars, flowers are like ten thousand spots of pink rouge. 

Seen from afar, it looks like a pink mist. Petals overlapping, each angle is beautiful. When the wind comes, the oncoming fragrance of the plum blossom has lasting charm.

Field Park

The Field Park in the western suburbs of Kunming is famous for its picturesque scenery and broad landscape. The scenery varies from season to season, making it a great place for a trip to the countryside.

At the turn of winter and spring, a type of “beauty plum blossom” which predates cherry blossoms and prettier than peach blossoms, has become a major attraction in Field Park. 
The plum is a hybrid of two kinds of plum blossom. It has an early flowering and white and delicate color. In the early spring, when the cold does not completely disappear, it becomes the scenery engraved on the heart.

Stroll along the smallsuspension bridge and beauty valley in the Field Park, where more than threethousand beauty plum blossoms decorate the mountains into a sea of pinkflowers. 

Petals overlap, fragmentarypistils gather together, exactly like the pink butterfly. Stretching branches withan elegant style, brown and black branches set off the flowers, letting itpleasing to the eye.

Kungming Botanical Garden

Located in the north of Kunming city, Kungming Botanical Garden has an open area of 44 hectares, divided into two parks, the east and the west, and 15 special parks (districts).

In 2017, 100 plants, known as "plant of giant pandas", Shaniodendron subaequale were introduced and planted here, its first introduction in southwest China. Blooming after leaves, Shaniodendron subaequale have flowers without petals, with light green color than turning white. 

Trees are full of gold colour seen from far, strands of Shaniodendron subaequale when seen close. Plum flowering phase of Shaniodendron subaequale has no rule to follow, sometimes blooming in three to five years, sometimes annually. It is a blessing to just happen to encounter the flowering season.

Additionally, it is a beautiful thing not to be missed to appreciate the plum blossom in the botanical garden plum garden in this season. Silent for a whole year, the plum blossom are in full bloom proudly with the bitter wind. 

Unlike the hundreds of flowers that decayed all the way, the plum blossom in the plum garden bloom more brightly in the chill.

Shuttling in plum blossom, looking at the blooming plum blossom at the twisted branches of the plum blossom trees, always letting people stop to take a photo with plum blossom, leaving the smile in flowers.

Longquan Road

If you feel that ancient plum seems cold, the downtown Longquan Road is another good place to appreciate the plum blossom. 

Longquan Road leads directly to Heilong Pool Park and Kungming Botanical Garden. The nearly 6.4-kilometer long main avenue is themed with "exploring plum in Longquan", the plum blossoms are in full bloom in heavy traffic, becoming a view of the plum blossom season.

The plum blossom variety on the avenue is Prunus mume which is the grafting plum blossom kind of the rose family, beautiful color. Also have the Lve plum blossom with small and beautiful flowers, among which strewn at randomly with flowers such as azalea and Spiraea chrysanthemum.

Setting off by the cedar, cinnamomum japonicum and other green trees, Longquan Road in the early winter appears vibrant. 

Every plum blossom tree strives for splendor, a piece of brilliant red patches are like sunset glow, dancing in the bleak cold wind, letting people linger.

The plum blossom of Kunming in wintry day, are like the glittering white snow of flowers. 
A city filled with romance, 
and fragrance of plum blossom. 
Seize the best time to appreciate the plum blossom in Kunming, visit the plum blossom scene, collecting the beautiful moment.



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